Minneapolis Kennel Club


About the Minneapolis Kennel Club

 Founded in 1933, the Minneapolis Kennel Club is one of the oldest kennel clubs in Minnesota. Its mission is to further the advancement of all breeds of purebred dogs, to advance the interests of dog shows and obedience trials, and to encourage sportsmanship at such events.

The Minneapolis Kennel Club conducts educational meetings and seminars , sanctioned matches,an annual all-breed dog show and an obedience trial. The club is an active donor to the purebred dog community.



Plan ahead; mark your calendars for the May, June and July MKC meetings:

May 16: Judges Panel -

  • A panel of judges will answer your questions on exhibitor dos and don'ts, judges' pet peeves and take questions from the members.
  • If you have ever wondered how a judge approaches judging, what they are looking for, now is your opportunity to ask!
A few weeks before the meeting we will send out an email asking for questions from members.

June 20: Annual Summer Club Picnic Potluck

Enjoy a great evening with members and enjoy food, beverages and dessert! Grill meats and condiments will be provided by MKC; bring a dish to share.

July 18: Dog Photography

A local photographer will discuss and demonstrate how to take photos of your dog.

Holiday Party: The annual MKC meeting and holiday party will be held on December 11 (Monday) evening at Joseph's Grill in St. Paul. Thanks to Paul Hussa who suggested Joseph's and made all the arrangements. Note that the event is on a Monday evening. Details will be posted as December comes closer.


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